Three teenage bullies, who took things a step too far recently, decided to film themselves attacking a younger girl and burning her hair extensions. The group put the entire ordeal on Snapchat, and all three have escaped with only police warnings instead of anything serious happening to them.

The three teens punched and kicked the terrified 15-year-old girl, Sophie Nevard, in Dartford, Kent. One onlooker can be heard pleading for the group to stop attacking her, which happened just moments after they burned her hair in front of an entire crowd.

Sophie’s mother shared the entire ordeal on Facebook in the hopes of finding the attackers and bringing them to justice. She said: “These two girls had beaten up my 15 year old daughter and filmed it. Humiliating her by burning her hair extensions and laughing about it on snapchat. Absolutely fuming.”

The police were informed about the event and have issued warnings for assault to two girls, a 16 and 17-year-old, plus handed out a harassment warning for another 15-year-old. Sophie, unfortunately, is too scared to even leave her hour at the moment.

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