There’s no shortage of devices and gadgets that a person can have to their name these days. Phones, iPods, tablets, watches and more are in full supply, but the consequence is that all of those things need battery power to work — and in some cases, plenty of it. That’s exactly why Drayson Technologies has a bold new system in the works: a means to power devices with free electricity from the air.

The aptly-named Freevolt is the fruit of their labors, and takes the form of a small slab of circuitry. Once installed into a device, it pulls energy from radio frequency signals and converts them into electric power. Given that RF signals are increasingly common, a fully-implemented Freevolt means devices that run on free energy forever. Granted the current projections suggest that only low-energy devices — smoke alarms and cameras, for example — would work flawlessly, but it’s not a stretch to see the system working for the average smart phone or something bigger with proper development.

Live demonstrations of Freevolt have shown that it’s possible to power speakers and air pollution monitors, which definitely proves the concept. There are hurdles that still need crossing, though; providing free energy may be possible, but that’s because there are RF signals produced by others — and if they desired, they could charge for Freevolt’s piggybacking. It’s a real possibility, but it runs parallel to a world where energy is as easy to gain as the air we breathe.