In what can only be considered a miracle survival story, Miyuki Harwood was found after being missing for nine days in the harsh conditions of the Sierra Nevada. The 62-year old hiker was separated from her group on August 20th during a hike near Horsehead Lake, 100 miles northwest of Fresno, California. She was found with a few broken bones and had to be immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Miyuki had to endure some extreme challenges before she was eventually rescued on Saturday morning. She had only a day’s worth of supplies on her and her broken bones prevented her from heading back to the base camp. She crawled for two days in order to find a creek with fresh water and used a bottle with a filter in survive on the natural resource until she was rescued. Medical professionals at the scene of the rescue described her as ‘a fighter’, and praised her iron-willed attitude. They even mentioned that she was extremely exhausted by the ordeal but was thankful to be saved by the search parties.

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