There are a lot of brave people throughout the world, but we mostly only hear about them on the news. This man is one such hero, as he is making waves throughout media websites for taking on an armed intruder who broke into his home to rob the place using a firearm.

The man made his way into our hero’s garage, armed with the aforementioned pistol, and began looking around for anything he could steal. The homeowner, who was outside throwing his trash away at his home in San Francisco, witnessed the intrusion.

He chased the man inside the garage, tackling him to the ground and wrestling the semi-automatic pistol from his hands. The two men wrestle for a couple of minutes before the homeowner managed to remove the gun from his attacker. He then pushed the man out of the garage and into the street, where the man took off running.

A spokesman for the Taraval Police Station said: “The victim stated that he was taking his garbage container inside when the suspect walked into his garage holding a handgun. The victim said he grabbed at the gun and a struggle ensued. The victim was able to disarm the suspect and the suspect fled the scene.”

Police are currently searching for the armed robber, but have not had any luck as of yet.