Box Dog

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  • Dog (biting a box which is covering his face) running into things. For 3 minutes
  • Three minutes and 15 seconds of pure derp - English Bulldog Diesel
  • Diesel, the English Bulldog, has a box. And a slight problem
  • Bulldog thinks this cardboard box lid is the best toy ever
  • Diesel the Box Terrier [warning: adorable portrait video]
  • English Bulldog Diesel- The Box Lover 🐶
  • Diesel the bulldog is out of control
  • Dog loves his box!! Makes me chuckle
  • English Bulldog having a ruff day
  • Bulldog and a box. Instant comedy
  • Poor fella just wants his box
  • A Bulldog and His Box
  • English Bulldog + Box
  • 制御不能です。完全に。
  • ブルドッグかわいい
  • woof woof
  • woof irl
  • Box Dog
  • me irl
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