Boston Dynamics Incredible jumping robot

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  • New operator idea; upgraded "Grasshopper" drones (can jump high and breach through Barricades with Melee-Sized Holes). See video for concept
  • Boston Dynamic's new Sand Flea robot jumps 30 feet into the air and an on-board stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight
  • Sand Flea Jumping Robot - A robot designed by Boston Dynamics that is capable of jumping over 30 feet into the air
  • Boston Dynamics' Sand Flea robot, built for the US Army... and can jump 30 feet
  • No longer will your RC toys ever get stuck...except maybe in trees
  • Who needs to rock crawl when you can jump them (From front page)
  • I don't know what I expected, but it definitely wasn't that
  • Sand Flea Jumping Robot How awesome is this little thing?!
  • Boston Dynamics does it again! (Makers of the AlphaDog)
  • Because I needed another reason fear robots uprising
  • Yeah so this little jumper is now owned by Google
  • Jumping Robots. This whole channel is incredible
  • Boston Dynamics Incredible jumping robot. -
  • Sand Flea robot can jump up to 30 feet
  • Sand Flea Jumping Robot (Wait for it!)
  • Jumping Robot [Accidental] [Object]
  • Robot effortlessly jumps buildings
  • Sand Flea Jumping Robot - YouTube
  • Sand Flea, the jumping robot
  • Just around the corner :D
  • Now THAT, is an RC car
  • Drone's In Real Life
  • Fleas have a new foe
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