The Fuller House cast may finally be complete. One piece of the puzzle fans had been holding their breath about was the addition of Bob Saget. On Thursday, former costar John Stamos took to Twitter to announce that everyone’s favorite father was coming back for the new series. This particular addition was considered key when talking about making the new series one that would be taken seriously by those who loved the original Full House.

Bob Saget’s inclusion to the show seems to make that almost everyone who appeared back when Uncle Jessie and Danny Tanner were working with Uncle Joey in order to raise a house full of young women. Of those young women, it appears only the Olsen twins, who portrayed the youngest of the clan are not going to be returning. The fact that they are not coming back has actually led to a bit of strife with their former castmates. John Stamos went so far as to claim they were lying when the twins claimed they had never been asked to be part of the new Netflix series.

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