Blue October - Hate Me [Alternative Rock]

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  • Blue October - Hate Me [Rock] If you are in a dark depressed place and someone tries reaching out to you don't push away. All you really need in this world is that one person that cares for you
  • Blue October - Hate Me [Alt Rock] this is the gateway song into this amazing band, enjoy
  • [Thanks] angelninja for the awesome new song for my mental health playlist!
  • I've never been able to get through this song without crying
  • One of the strongest songs I have ever heard
  • Blue October -- Hate Me [alternative rock]
  • Blue October - Hate Me (2006)
  • Have ever done anyone wrong?
  • Hate Me by Blue October
  • Hate Me - Blue October
  • [music] Hate me
  • I started bawling like a fucking baby. It's like I'd never heard this song before now
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