People have tried to predict the end of the world for ages — with minimal success, obviously. The Y2K scare and the Mayan doomsday are two notable examples, but those judgment days have come and gone. That won’t stop theorists from warning people about the next event in line; in this case, the incoming blood moon is theoretically going to bring about Earth’s last hours.

The moon alone won’t handle the task, though. As the fourth of its kind since 2014 — one of four lunar eclipses between six full moons — the sequence spoken of as a signal of disaster in the Bible is reportedly going to precede a devastating asteroid drop. That’s according to the visions of Rev. Efrain Rodriguez, at least; the “Blood Moon Prophecy” itself is the warning made by a pair of Christian ministers. If it holds true, then the world will end by September 28th.

Luckily, NASA has stepped in to debunk the claim. The organization makes a habit out of watching the night sky, and would know long beforehand if a world-ending asteroid came Earth’s way. In fact, they went so far as to claim that no large object would touch down within the next few centuries. Given NASA’s evidence, it’s likely that the human race is safe for a good while — though there’s not much that can take away the spectacle of a red moon.