Black And White Teletubbies Will Haunt Your Nightmares

source: youtube

What could be more sinister than turning a children’s show into a nightmare? A musician/evil genius created a video showing the colorful bunch of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po devoid of color and the result is not cute. Far from it.

The Teletubbies in black and white have changed from their cute, bubbly characters into something you’d expect from a cult. Apparently, that’s what happen when you turn a group of trippy characters from a children’s TV show into black and white and let them do their silly moves while post-punk music plays in the background. As if the pictures shared on Twitter aren’t enough, check out the four-minute video of the Teletubbies’ opening scene set in Joy Division’s song Atmosphere.

  • Just going to leave this Teletubbies Joy Division Mashup here without further commentary
  • Teletubbies in Black and White - Christopher G. Brown's Teletubbies Joy Division Edit
  • Christopher Brown's Teletubbies Joy Division edit is the tenth circle of hell
  • Black and white Teletubbies picture is now a full Joy Division video
  • black and white teletubbies roll around to joy division - that's it
  • Comforting. Strange but comforting. Teletubbies set to Joy Division
  • Joy Division's "Atmosphere" + Teletubbies = Sublimity
  • Teletubbies in Black and White, Set to Joy Division
  • Black and White Teletubbies Joy Division Edit
  • A Joy Division and Teletubbies Mash Up!
  • Teletubbies in B&W set to Joy Division
  • B&W Teletubbies + Joy Division Mash up
  • Teletubbies do Joy Division
  • me irl
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