When La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark set out to find her birth mother, she never imagined she’d already be so close. Mitchell-Clark’s adoptive parents had always encouraged her to find her birth mother, who was 15 when she had Mitchell-Clark. When Ohio’s Department of Health made certain records available, Mitchell-Clark requested them so she could learn about her birth mother.

First, Mitchell-Clark got her birth mother’s name: Francine Simmons. Then, she looked her up on Facebook, and much to her surprise, saw that they worked for the same company. Both women work at InfoCision, a telecommunications company, and all it took was one inter-office phone call for Mitchell-Clark and her birth mother to connect.

Not only did Mitchell-Clark get to know her birth mother, but she also found out she has three sisters, one of whom also works at InfoCision. As if working with her birth mother wasn’t enough, Mitchell-Clark and Simmons discovered they live only a few minutes away from each other in Youngstown.

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