Billionaire farts into microphone

source: youtube

  • This is the billionaire owner of FilmOn, the company that is hosting the Diz and Cassidy battle
  • Billionaire takes microphone from reporter and farts on it because he felt like it
  • Billionaire farts into microphone during interview DansGame
  • Alki David (owner of filmontv) farting into microphone
  • Alki takes microphone out of interviewers hands and
  • Billionaire farts into reporter's microphone
  • Greek billionaire farts into microphone
  • [Poetry] A message from Alki David
  • Alki David Farts On Red Carpet
  • [Poetry] Did you hear that?
  • [Poetry]Alki David Farts
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    Gail Larson
    You can tell his wife is used to it but so embarrassed at the same time