Bill Nye Reads Mean Tweets, Makes People Watch Paint Dry

source: youtube

An icon in the science world and a person who is single-handedly responsible for igniting the enthusiasm in hundreds upon thousands of science lovers around the world with his kids’ science show, Bill Nye is also one of the most likable personas on this planet. Even though it’s hard to believe there are people who hate him, it turns there are some individuals who bash on him via Twitter. However, you don’t have to jump and start tweeting in order to defend him, as he decided to take a stand himself by making a ‘reads mean tweets’ video, and it is both hilarious and scientifically accurate.

Even though the video is quite straight-forward and doesn’t feature as much puns as one would have come to expect from Bill Nye, in the true style of Mean Tweets it is serious to a point of being hilarious. Furthermore, at the very end of the video, as you can see below, he asks a question that will definitely make even you want to watch pain dry right now!

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