Throughout Delta County, Texas, Texas Game Wardens and local law enforcement are currently on a county-wide manhunt to find the owners of a marijuana farm. The two law enforcement agencies managed to take part in a $6.5 million marijuana growing operation bust over the weekend.

The deputies recovered around 6,550 plants – some of which were nearly 10 feet tall – from a one-acre section of Cooper Wildlife Management Area. Texas Game Warden Captain Steve Stapleton said: “This was not someone playing around and experimenting. The camp was at least a mile from any road in some harsh conditions. They picked this spot on purpose and spent day and night out there for some time. There was a lot of trash to clean up.”

Unfortunately, an overnight manhunt has been hampered as a group of bigfoot hunters were in search of the mighty Sasquatch. Honestly, we’re curious to know whether those hunters found what they were looking for or not. The elusive bigfoot is out there somewhere.

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