Basketball legend Scottie Pippen is famous for winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan, but right now he’s in the news for another reason.

Pippen’s 20-year-old daughter, Sierra, is a student at the University of Iowa. Early Sunday morning she was caught drunkenly urinating in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel that’s near the school. Hotel authorities called the police and were able to tell them exactly who she was, and it wasn’t because of her famous father.

It was only a few weeks ago, on April 10th, Sierra Pippen was arrested at that same hotel for public intoxication. Officers accused her of slurring her speech, being unable to balance, and could smell alcohol on her. They also noted she was wearing wristbands from two different bars, despite being only 20. Pippin refused a field sobriety test after accusing the cops of being racist. Pippen was taken to Johnson County Jail, and she was released hours later on a $500 bond.

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