A British bank robber needed money for a job interview and went about the entire thing in the dumbest way possible. 61-year-old Paul Neaverson stormed into a NatWest bank in Rainham, Kent, and threatened a cashier with a knife. Instead of asking for the money up front or transferring it to a special account, Neaverson actually demanded that the money be transferred into his very own account he held at the bank. Obviously, it was pretty easy to find out who did it.

Neaverson was caught at a nearby HSBC and was also trying to rob that bank. The robber confessed that he needed the money for a plane ticket to Corfu so he could interview for a golf coaching job. Neaverson’s attorney tried defending him by saying that this was a stupid decision for a guy that had a clean past: It was ridiculous. It only had one ending – and here it is. He has led a law-abiding life and now finds himself staring down the barrel of a very long sentence indeed.” Neaverson is charged with two robbery attempts and possession of a knife.