Baltimore Inner Harbor is being cleaned up with Water Wheel (no emissions)

source: youtube

  • This Water Wheel is permanently fixed before Baltimore's Inner Harbor, collecting trash flowing down the river. Would the Genesee and Rochester benefit from this?
  • How cool would it be to have one of these water powered trash collectors on the St Joe - DTSB already has the rapids to power it!
  • So many rivers in the Philippines could benefit from this.... How would projects like this even start in the philippines?
  • Baltimore Inner Harbor is being cleaned up with Water Wheel (no emissions). (from /u/kicker58)
  • Baltimore's Inner Harbor uses a clever water wheel device to get rid of trash and debris
  • Surely this system could also work wonders somewhere in the Brisbane River??
  • It'd be nice if there was one of these on the rivers leading into the harbor
  • Water Wheel (Mr. Trash Wheel) operating in a rain storm (Baltimore, MD)
  • Baltimore Water Wheel cleaning up trash from the Jones Falls River
  • New Inner Harbor Water Wheel Removed 25 tons of Debris on Friday
  • Water Wheel fills dumpster with trash from Baltimore Harbour
  • Ok, how do we build one of these for the Chattahoochee?
  • Something that can seriously benefit The Red River
  • Water Wheel Cleaning River, Zero Carbon Emissions
  • Baltimore Water Wheel operating in a rain storm
  • When the log finally makes it off of the lift
  • Can this Water Wheel be used to clean Ganga?
  • The Water Wheel is an amazing invention
  • Could this work for gowanus?
  • Baltimore River Litter Wheel
  • We need this here
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