In what is being described as a miracle, 4 month-old Sonies Awal was pulled from rubble after being buried for 22 hours. On Saturday April 25th, 2015 a magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, killing more than 5,500 people. At the time, Sonies and his 10 year-old sibling were at home. According to The Guardian, “While the parents were out, the ground shook and the house collapsed. The children were buried.

The children’s mother, Rasmila Awal, was at the store and their father, Sham Krishna Awal, was at work during the incident. Sham Awal rushed home and frantically searched through the rubble for his kids, along with help from neighbours. Two hours later the 10 year old was found, but there were still no signs of the baby.

The desperate family called the Nepalese army who arrived at 6 pm and left at 9 pm after digging through the debris, but without result. The soldiers returned the next morning and resumed digging. Miraculously, 22 hours after the earthquake, Sonies was pulled out of the debris and taken to a nearby hospital. He had only suffered minor bruising.

Despite the joy of finding their son alive, the Awal family is still in mourning. Sham Awal’s sister-in-law and her two children sadly died in the earthquake. The Awal family currently has no place to live as thier home and everything they owned were destroyed.