Awesome German supermarkets' ad for locally grown food

source: youtube

  • EDEKA, the grocery chain that amazed us with the "Supergeil" song-ad, has released a new ad, promoting its whole foods
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  • Awesome German supermarkets' ad for locally grown food
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    Moises Effertz
    Dear Reddit mods: Interesting vote manipulation going on here in the comments. Roche322 and Starnerscott both post the identical "positive" comment about the video. Harrinclipton and ~~FungalAnusGrowth~~ have the identical "negative" comment. But in truth its an indirectly "positive" comment. It just states that they dislike the video and instead of buying in supermarkets you should buy from local farmers. Buuuuut the commercial has shown us that the company gets stuff from those praised local farmers. Uhhh clever. ~~Weird that Fungal Anus Growth attaches the exact same text of the positive comment at the end of the his negative comment.~~ edit: t'was but a joke of Fungal This thread is full of bot-fuckery.
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    Pietro Bode