Autistic Girl’s Family Forced Off United Airlines Flight

source: youtube

A mom from Oregon has filed a complaint against United Airlines after they had the police escort her and her family off of a recent flight, complaining that her 15-year-old autistic daughter was “disruptive.” Little did they know that the woman, Dr. Donna Beegle was “a prominent advocate for anti-poverty programs who frequently consults with state and federal government agencies,” according to NBC News.

Beegle and her family were returning from Disney World when she asked the flight attendant for some hot food for her daughter. After eating the food, her daughter was quietly watching a movie when the pilot announced that they were making an emergency landing because there was a passenger on board with a “behavior problem.”

According to Beegle, this is a case of ignorance and prejudice. Although United Airline paid for the family to continue to their destination via a Delta Airlines flight, Beegle has still filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration and plans to sue United.

  • A family was removed from a United Airlines flight because of their "disruptive" autistic daughter
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