A tragedy recently occurred in Trolltunga, Norway’s scenic cliff, when a 24-year-old Australian student Kristi Kafcaloudis lost her balance while taking a photo and fell off the cliff’s edge. The young student was part of a 30-person tour group visiting Trolltunga, which translates to “the troll’s tongue”, a spot where it’s customary for tourists to take very risky-looking photos. She was about to enroll in an exchange program at the University of Bergen where the staff and fellow students have been shocked by the news.

“We are only consoled by the fact that Kristi was doing what she loved with her friends and living a life full of adventure and dreams,”her mother stated, adding: “But, we are mortified by the loss of such a talented and lovely young woman with her whole life before her.” One of the fellow students told NRK: “I was there one day before, in Trolltunga, and it was very creepy for me. You think you could have been one of them. If you don’t do silly things, it’s not so dangerous.”

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