While working long, tedious hours at a warehouse, many of ASOS staff workers are going to extreme measures to relieve themselves while on their breaks. Some of the ASOS staff workers claim that they are being forced to pee in water fountains because their breaks are entirely too short for them to make a trip to the bathroom.

According to the GMB Union, the workers at the ASOS South Yorkshire distribution center are under too much pressure to prepare orders for fast shipping to get the proper time for bathroom breaks. The 4,000 staff at the distribution center in Barnsley has to pick about 65 items per hour and about 800 per shift.

Many of the workers are also forced to work in horrible conditions on a daily basis that hinders their health and safety. They often are forced to working in hot environments with little-to-no access to water.

ASOS is denying any of the claims stating that the Barnsley distribution center has a 15-minute break for all employees, giving them enough time to use the bathrooms.

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