Asking New Yorkers what song they're listening to

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  • Two years later and still one of my favourites. "Hey You! What Song Are You Listening To? New York
  • Guy goes around New York asking people what songs they are listening to. One guy is mad for it
  • Reposted from r/music. Guy walks around NYC asking people what they are listening to
  • Guy walks up to people wearing headphones and asks them what they're listening to
  • Enjoy this: What Song are you Listening to? NEW YORK & many other cities in links
  • I asked random New Yorkers with headphones on what song they were listening to
  • 'Hey You! What Song are you Listening to?': Still my favorite New York video
  • Guy stops people wearing headphones to ask what song they're listening to
  • calgary! can we do this!?! "Hey You! What Song are you Listening to?"
  • What song are you listening to? - New Yorkers and their music tastes
  • Da li neko moze napraviti ovakav video u jednom vecem gradu u BiH?
  • TyCullens tribute to ents according to the most liked comment
  • Proper Legend swaggers the streets of NYC listening to Oasis
  • Hey You! What Song are you Listening to? NEW YORK - YouTube
  • Man asks New Yorkers what song they're listening to
  • Asking New Yorkers what song they're listening to
  • How has no one made one of these for Chicago yet?
  • Simple idea, but so captivating
  • "What are you listening to?"
  • I always feel like asking
  • Stranger confirmed wavy
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