As an EMT I've always been amazed at how well Tom Hanks portrays traumatic shock at the end of Captain Phillips

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    Corene Collins
    Incredible scene. The other one I love is the scene where his crew are having a coffee break, and he looks at his watch disapprovingly, because he thinks they are taking too long. Something about that just made his character so believable. I've worked on ships like that, and I instantly "got" what kind of guy he was.
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    Royce Feeney
    >Tom Hanks claimed that the scene of Captain Richard Phillips' medical examination was improvised on the spot with real-life Navy Corpsman Danielle Albert, who was told to simply follow her usual procedure. However, Albert was so star-struck by Hanks that she froze during the first take. Hanks joked to her that he was supposed to be the one in shock for the scene. And more trivia > In the movie, the nurse Who helped captain Phillips helped the real captain Phillips in real life.