Now that Google has entered the testing phase of their self driving car, Apple has also decided to join them and produce their own version. The code name for Apple’s self-driving car initiative is Project Titan. It has been rumored that the Cupertino-based tech hardware engineers have met with GoMentum Station in order to secure a place to test the vehicles.

Frank Fearon, an engineer at Apple, has reportedly been corresponding with tech companies to make this self-driving car come to fruition. According to the report, it is his belief that right now with the type of technology available this is the time to bring something like this to market for consumers. This isn’t the first time there has been speculation that Apple was in the process of designing a self-driving car, known to many in the tech industry as “the ultimate mobile device.” However, Apple and officials at GoMentum have yet to respond that these reports are in fact a statement of truth.

Now, we can see if the age-old question is finally answered; will it have Windows?