A schoolboy was on a camping trip in Shorsky National Park in Kemerovo region of Russia when he came upon something he says looked like a Yeti or Abominable Snowman. The young boy and some other children who were camping went for their morning walk when 12-year-old Denis said he found a footprint twice the size of a human’s. This is the second claim of a Yeti being spotted this summer in Russia.

The boy told his father and when they went to the site where the huge footprint was found, his dad said, “I now know it exists.” Denis’s father also said he is very much into hunting and knows a lot about footprints. He said he didn’t believe they existed until he saw the large footprint.

The second person who claims they saw a Yeti is Andrey Lyubchenko, an artist and sculpture, actually drew a picture of the Yeti he came across. According to Lyubchenko, the Yeti he met had soft but dark hair and human-like eyes. He said it happened so fast that he didn’t have time to get scared. He also claims the Yeti seemed to be trying to ‘talk’ to him.

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