In Paris, a group of animal rights activists removed a dog from a homeless man’s custody, claiming that it was for the “welfare” of the animal. The homeless man wept as his animal friend was taken away from him, making the entire story extremely sad to hear about.

The animal rights group, called Cause Animale Nord, says that they believe the dog was being supplied with drugs, as it had dilated pupils. They also claim that the animal wasn’t chipped or vaccinated. The dog was apparently just as devastated as its owner about the situation. It reportedly cried and yelped as it was swiftly taken away from the homeless man.

The charity has since posted an advertisement on their Facebook page, trying to find a new home for the dog. However, not everyone is particularly happy with the manner in which this group apprehended the animal.

The actions of this animal rights group, whether justified or not, seem to have raised many questions about how charities go about their business. An online petition to have the charity’s actions investigated has already garnered over 210,000 signatures.

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