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  • Americapox: The Missing Plague (Answers this question: When Europeans arrived in North America, they brought a host of diseases that decimated native populations. So why didn't any similar diseases exist in NA to decimate Europeans?)
  • So I'm about 2/3 of the way through "Guns, Germs, and Steel". For anybody who doesn't want to read it, it's pretty much summarized by this CGP Grey video
  • "The game of civilization has nothing to do with the players, and everything to do with the map." - CGP Grey discusses "Guns, Germs, and Steel"
  • CGP Grey reminds us of an important fact: "The game of civilization has nothing to do with the players and everything to do with the map."
  • Americapox: The Missing Plague (2015) - A short documentary about why European explorers didn't get sick the same way Native Americans did
  • Americapox: The Missing Plague - CGP Grey nous décrit les épidémies qui ont exterminé des dizaines de millions d'Amérindiens au 16e siècle
  • 'Americapox: The Missing Plague' by CCPGrey (A look into the role of cities and civilisation in producing plagues)
  • Americapox: The Missing Plague—an awesome video that clearly shows how the Book of Mormon has no basis in reality
  • ND Bison (the animal, not the college team) get a nice feature in the most recent CGP Grey video (at 6:50)
  • CGP Grey explains how the world would be different if Native Americans had more animals to domesticate
  • Something to consider, regarding disease, human settlements, and the building blocks of civilization
  • CGP Grey inadvertently talks about how the lack of an American Plague disproves the Book of Mormon
  • A fan theory about why Europe's servers devastated NA's when they were first connected
  • The reason why the Aztecs didn't give the Europeans an Sunset-Invasion-Plague
  • As he promised, CGPGrey just released a fascinating video about diseases
  • TIL Porque a Europa se desenvolveu e as Americas foram dominadas
  • Useful information on how plagues spawn, and shape the world
  • Response to Woody's "we out warred the natives" bs
  • CGP Lastest Video Made Me Realize Something
  • [CGP Grey] Americapox: The Missing Plague
  • Americapox [✈]
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    Micaela Mertz
    so cities where plaguegrounds?
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    Tiana Langosh
    I have now been informed on a question I never thought of, great video. It does seem a bit different from his other videos, possibly a slower pace?
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