AMAZING use of a loop system in the Voice Jam app

source: youtube

  • I'm sure you've seen this guy on the front page recently, and I was wondering are there any pictures of the same hairstyle that I can show to a barber?
  • Cover of Wayfairing stranger usimg only mouth noise loops. Gets really good when he sings
  • Ed Sheeran - Wayfaring Stranger (Douglas Bako Cover) Awesomeness using Voice Jam
  • Guy does cover of Ed Sheeran song using only an iPhone VoiceLoop app. AMAZING!
  • This guy creates an entire song using only his Iphone and its AMAZING
  • Guy creates a beautiful song.. by singing with himself
  • Wayfaring Stranger - Ed Sheeran (Douglas Bako Cover)
  • Doug Bako cover of Ed Sheeran - Wayfaring Stranger
  • AMAZING use of a loop system in the Voice Jam app
  • wayfairing stranger cover...much good
  • Guy covers Ed Sheeran's Wayfaring Stranger
  • Simply amazing. Guy sings with himself
  • Apparently There's An App for That
  • This guy is crazy talented!
  • This is a talented guy
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