Technology is advancing at a frightening rate right now. Not only can we 3D print almost any object imaginable, launch probes that are capable of landing on asteroids and grow organs in labs but a team of researchers has now created a set of robots that are set to build a bridge across a canal in the middle of Amsterdam.

MX3D, the Dutch company behind the project, has created special computer guided robotic arms that have welders and other tools fixed to their ends. This allows them to create complex metal structures in front of them, in the air, without any need of supports. The machines are even capable of using a variety of materials, including stainless steel, bronze, copper or aluminum.

The robots themselves are even programmed to build tracks along the bridge while they are building it so that they can move along the structure without any outside help. This effectively means that once they are set to their task, there will be no need for human intervention at any point.

Construction of the bride is set to start in 2017 and is set to take approximately 2 months to complete, with robots at either side of the bank meeting in the middle of the canal.

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