Amazing Nascar Crash Thankfully Leaves Few Hurt

source: youtube

Near the end of the Coke Zero 400, Austin Dillon got himself into a pretty horrific crash. The video shows him not only running into a number of other cars but also sending himself and a few others into the fencing. After his car went airborn and tore into the fence, Dillon was actually able to walk away from the crash. If that wasn’t enough, the driver actually waved at the crowd in order to try and tell everyone he was fine.

The first piece of good news was that Dillon and the other drivers weren’t hurt. The other piece of news is that of the eight fans at the race who reported some injury, eight said they weren’t hurt bad enough to need treatment. Another four fans were treated by first aid personnel at the track and just one was sent to the hospital. That fan was treated there and released shortly thereafter.

Watch the video below and tell us if you think there was any chance everyone walked out of that almost unscathed.

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