John Matherly, the founder of website Shodan, has created a stunning map that shows the location of every single device (which was accessible) in the world that is connected to the internet.

The map was created by sending a ping-request to every available IP address. These requests essentially act as a question to see whether an IP address is being used and Matherly was able to take the positive responses and map their exact location on the map. As you might expect, it shows that the vast majority of traffic appears to come from Europe and the United States, though there are spikes in Asia and South America.

Speaking to Gizmodo, Matherly explained how difficult the task was and how long it took: “It took less than five hours to gather the data, and another 12 hours or so to generate the map image.”

He also explained how he would now focus on tracking the changes to internet usage over the next few years to measure how developing countries are using more devices that can connect to the web. With more and more pieces of technology able to utilize the internet, from televisions to smart watches, and the fact that prices for devices are dropping globally, the map is likely to fill up significantly over time.