Looks like we have another wardrobe malfunction. On a recent broadcast of the One Show, host Alex Jones stole the show for reasons likely unintended. She wore a thin, white blouse that was rendered see-through by the BBC studio lights, and she seemed completely unaware of her situation throughout the entire broadcast. Guest Claire Baldwin certainly noticed, though:

The rest of the world was quick to notice as well. A viewer wrote on Twitter that “I can confidently predict that #AlexJones will be trending very soon due to an excellent choice of blouse”. The commenter predicted accurately; Alex Jones began to trend on Twitter, even while the show was still going on. Mercifully, comments on Twitter were mostly humorous rather than cynical (after all, a beautiful woman is something to be appreciated, right?). “Can’t see Alex Jones wearing that top on The One Show again somehow! Producers using all sorts of angles now. ‘Keep off the nipples!'” said one viewer.

Of course others viewers didn’t find the wardrobe malfunction all that funny. “Hope Alex Jones puts a bra on during one of the films on #theoneshow as her #nipples are showing. It’s meant to be a family show”, said another viewer. Some of these viewers have wondered aloud whether the BBC will be receiving complaints. Probably, but what can be done at this point? Would people’s sensibilities be satisfied if Alex Jones herself apologized? Or is it better to simply wait for it all to blow over? Whatever the case, the one thing the BBC should certainly do is check the temperature in their studio.

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