Anyone who flies for business or travel quite often throughout the year probably already knows that lost luggage is always possible. The airline could simply forget your luggage underneath the plane, or they may forget to insert it into the package-section of the airplane altogether, leaving your clothing and other goods in the airport or on another airplane.

Well, Alaska Airlines is quite confident in their baggage delivery, but consumers are not swayed any longer. Should the airline fail to deliver your baggage within 20 minutes of your plane reaching the gate, you receive a $25 credit towards a future flight or 2,500 miles on their reward program.

Unfortunately, Chief Executive Bradley Tilden grew a bit embarrassed this past week when he attended an airline summit in Washington D.C. The man lost his bag during the flight, which was on his own airline. The bag was, thankfully, delivered the next day. This was not the first time it has happened to him either. The plane attendants lost his luggage on a flight 25 years ago, too.

It is unclear whether Tilden received his $25 credit or the airline miles.

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