'Ain't that some bullshit?'

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  • Am I insane, or is the mall in this video from the front page Triangle Town Center?
  • "My son said something that tickled me pink..."
  • He said "lock the door" NSFW (Language)
  • [Poetry] He said lock the door
  • This guy laughing at his son!
  • 'Ain't that some bullshit?'
  • Aint That Some Bulls**t
  • You know what he said?
  • "Lock the doors!"
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    Travon Wilderman
    I'm on my phone so idk if this will work http://youtu.be/gYvw68IneV4 Spoiler: it's another black guy in a parking lot. EDIT: So this is what it feels like to be gilded. I gotta say... I don't hate it. Thank you kindly stranger.