Adults Reveal Their Memories Of Imaginary Friends

source: youtube

Almost from minute one, kids are encouraged to let their imaginations soar — and there’s no better way for them to do that than create some imaginary friends. They may end up going by the wayside as the kids get older, but even the most cynical adult probably can’t turn a cold shoulder. Enter: this video, which lets a host of people relive the glory days.

There’s plenty to laugh at in terms of absurdity — because no man can resist the allure of an archaeologist bull — but it’s hard to look at these people wax nostalgic without wanting to reminisce with them. Those imaginary friends were a part of them, so it’s only natural to want to honor those old friends, and respect these men and women for sharing. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before viewers think back to their imaginary pals — in which case, the video does at least one thing right.

Heartwarming moments abound, even if they make viewers remember vaudeville-garbed rabbits — who then have to deal with older brothers and their imagined scorpion-based bullies. That’s an esoteric example, but a possible one all the same.

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