Aamzing Video Shows Life On The Great Barrier Reef Through Eyes of Sea Turtle

source: youtube

The World Wildlife Fund has released a brand new video that will take your breath away as you watch a giant sea turtle swim around the Great Barrier Reef. The organization managed to make the video by strapping a waterproof camera on the animal and then just let it do it’s thing. While the video isn’t action packed, it does show some amazing footage in a way that people are rarely able to see it. The video was put together in order to highlight that need for people to stop dumping in the area. The water certainly looks crisp and clean and it would seem as though people need to try and keep it that way.

Check out this amazing video of the turtle making his way through the ocean and tell us what you think.

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  • WWF straps gopro to turtle for amazing turtle's eye-view of the Great Barrier Reef
  • WWF straps a gopro to a turtle for a turtle's eye-view of the Great Barrier Reef
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