An elderly man is rushed to hospital due to trauma after witnessing a plane crash into his son’s home in Langkawi, Malaysia. The plane belongs to Jupiter Aerobatic Team of Indonesian Air Force. Two aircraft of the Indonesian Air Force touched during their practice for their performance at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2015 on Sunday. Both aircraft crashed, and one of them hit residents’ houses.

Abu Mutalib Said, 70, was located approximately 33 feet from his sons home in Kampung Gelam, Langkawi, when the plane crashed right into the house. At that time, the two children of Abu Mutalib, namely Zulkeflee, 46, and Mohd Rashidi, 40, were not at home. According to LIMA ’15 consultant and emergency medical specialist Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari Abdullah, Abu Mutalib suffers psychological trauma after witnessing the incident.

The victim had watched a part of the aircraft falling onto his sons’ homes before bursting into flames. He is now in a serious trauma” said Abu Hassan. He added Abu Mutalib was rushed to Hospital Langkawi and treated for critical incident stress management (CISM). “The CISM treatment includes a breathing relaxation therapy to reduce the aggravation. He is sleeping at the moment and thankfully, he suffered no physical injuries” said Abu Hassan. The medical team of the emergency unit is also providing counseling services to Abu Mutalib and his family.