A man in the midst of custody battle is interrogated by CPS over every minute detail of his life in attempt to find evidence of bad parenting

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  • Man films his CPS (Child Protective Services) interrogation. He's being accused for trying to figure out what medication his ex-wife has been giving his daughter and not telling him. Extremely rage-inducing
  • SRS probably applauds this bitchwoman: Man interrogated by CPS for caring about his daughter's weight and wondering what medication his ex-wife is giving her (without letting him know)
  • CPS interrogates a father and accuses him of inadequate guardianship for, amongst other things, taking her to McDonald's, looking up medications her mother is giving her
  • A man in the midst of custody battle is interrogated by CPS over every minute detail of his life in attempt to find evidence of bad parenting
  • /r/MensRights [removed] gender discrimination by CPS (long, but important video. this is no time for a short attention span)
  • Obese New York social worker berates father for occasionally taking his daughter to McDonalds and caring about her health
  • This is what child protective services is like for a male facing false allegations. Its kind of a one sided process
  • CPS (Child Protective Services) interrogation and inquisition for normal parenting discretions
  • CPS interrogation over unsubstantiated claims of neglect. Long video but worth the watch
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  • femanazis lol
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    Ayden Murray
    From the comments: 1Year ago: Update: A federal civil rights lawsuit was filed against these CPS workers in early 2013, and is still being litigated. Court actions take inexorably long to be heard and to resolve. A restraining order was requested by me in federal court to prevent these people from doing what they did while the federal action is proceeding. The appellate court felt that since CPS here had ceased their harassment of me, that my request for a restraining order would be unnecessary. The main federal lawsuit is still being litigated in district court. For further public transparency, and for those interested, the appeal briefs and decision can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6Rhjeg21YOvVmlrM0F5bENTdE0&usp=sharing And unfortunately: 5months ago Am still in midst of a custody trial. The judge said my efforts at pursuing justice in the federal civil rights action against the county, as well as me exposing its CPS corruption here, may be considered grounds to deny granting custody to me. At this point, the county family court judge has instituted a full restraining order against me, making it a crime to even contact my daughter. The judge refuses to give any reason for issuing the restraining order, and I have no findings of being unfit. I think it is clear. I exposed the county's abusive behavior in this video, and showed the world how horrible and discriminatory their official social worker treat fathers. The county is now getting even, again abusing their public trust and government power, and intentionally punishing me by taking my daughter away entirely. It is now a imprisonable crime for me hug my daughter, to tell her I love her, or even give her a birthday gift. Man, that makes me sad. The point seems pretty clear. Don't rock the boat, don't complain, don't do anything against the state, or you'll expect to be punished.