The RCMP, which are Canada’s version of local law enforcement, recently had to make one of the oddest arrests they could possible obtain this year. Early Sunday morning, two Saskatchewan RCMP officers were dispatched to a local Tim Hortons after reports of a stubborn goat that refused to leave the breakfast store were sent in.

According to those working there, the goat simply refused to leave the store, so they had to take some drastic measures to rid themselves of the creature. On multiple occasions, the workers at the store would kindly walk the goat out of the shop and through the automatic doors. Unfortunately, the four-legged critter would then turn right back around and re-enter the Tim Hortons once more.

RCMP decided it best if they “arrested” the goat and escort it to their police cruiser. Animal control was contacted, but not a single officer of that division decided to show up and handle the situation.

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