Anonymous has announced they started a war against ISIS earlier this year. The hacker group have now made their first move in this war by releasing the account information for 9,200 Twitter accounts linked to individuals with ties to ISIS. The group has teamed up with both GhostSec and Ctrlsec to release this information in the hopes of having the accounts, which are used for spreading messages and recruiting, banned from the social media service. One member of Anonymous said:

This is historic amongst the digital world as it’s the first time these groups have come together for something this large, Usually they are very closed off and not willing to work outside of their circles but this has become so large of a problem they’re willing to form an alliance for what is seen as a greater good. The outcome of hundreds of hackers across all three major groups is the largest compiled and verified list ever to be released to the public.

Anonymous themselves have been banned from Twitter in the past, though they managed to get around this blockade by creating swarm accounts. The hacker group has threatened the founder of Twitter for blocking their accounts previously. Perhaps this act will help put them in the spotlight for doing some good.

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