Our oceans are truly magical places. Earth is covered over 71% by oceans, and yet so little is known about them. From harboring abundant life, to being the source of many storms and rain, the oceans are essential to most life on our planet. As far as we known from modern science, Earth’s oceans are quite unique among the universe. Earth lives in what scientists consider the ‘Goldilocks’ zone which is why we have so much abundant species and variety of life here. In fact, there is so much life to be found in the oceans, that for every species of life that has been discovered in our oceans, there are another three more to be discovered.

There are many interesting and surprising facts about our oceans, this is a list complied of 8 of the most amazing ocean facts that we know of.

The Longest Mountain Range On Earth Is In The Ocean

The Mid-Ocean Ridge is the longest mountain range on Earth. With a length of more than 50,000 km, it reaches from the Artic Ocean through the Atlantic Ocean, winding around the globe past Africa, Asia, and Australia, and reaches into the Pacific Ocean’s west coast of North America.

The Atlantic Ocean Is Growing Larger

Thanks to volcanic activity along the Mid-Ocean Ridge that is creating new sea floor, the Atlantic Ocean is growing 5 centimeters in length per year. However, the Pacific Ocean is shrink 2-3 centimeters per year due to plate tectonics along the Ring of Fire.

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