79 Year Old Grandma is an aspiring PC Gamer

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  • "I am a 79 year old grandmother, and just had a beast of a gaming computer built." Says Shirley. This is her first "lets play" video of Skyrim uploaded only a few hours ago
  • (Shirley Curry) Skyrim eps 1 [unintentional] [female] [gentle voice] [nice elderly woman voice]
  • Shirley Curry, a 79-year-old woman who plays Skyrim on YouTube, is right up ol' Sips' alley
  • This is Shirley. She's 79 years old, loves let's plays, and just started a Skyrim series
  • 80 year-old woman plays Skyrim, and is great at it
  • Grandma Plays Skyrim [female] [oldlady] [gaming]
  • An elder scrolls while playing Elder Scrolls
  • 79 Year Old Grandma is an aspiring PC Gamer
  • She should be the next guest on the podcast
  • Grandma Shirley Curry playing Skyrim
  • 79 Year old grandma is a PC gamer
  • Grandma playing skyrim
  • i've found sips's mum
  • i found sips mom
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  • grandma plays skyrim