More than 300 men from the University of Georgia decided to take a stand against rape, sexual assault, and gender violence on their campus. They did this by taking a walk in high heels – literally walking in a woman’s shoes.

The event, called The Walk A Mile In Her Shoes UGA, has a website that outlines the purpose of the event. A statement on their website says this: “The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes UGA event provides an opportunity for the campus community to join together and demonstrate solidarity for efforts to stop the violence, especially during this critical time period within the school year.

The website also explains that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted while in university or college. Ten different fraternity groups participated in the event, as well as different university groups, and many different students. All of the men looked great, and seemed to have a great time turning heads and raising awareness for such a relevant cause.

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