Aldi Supermarkets claim to have fresh produce, but it looks like 14 of their stores in Berlin have a totally different kind of produce available! Workers at an Aldi in Berlin found $21 million worth of cocaine in the banana crates in a shipment that arrived from Colombia.

Overall, the crates contained 386kg of cocaine and it is the biggest single cocaine find in German history. Police spokesman Stefan Redlich said, “Apparently there was a logistical mistake somewhere along the line.” Investigators are now trying to find out the exact destination of these crates. Somehow, the crates got mixed up during the shipment from Colombia to Europe, so there is an angry drug lord out there that received a bunch of bananas!

This is nothing new in Berlin though, as 140kg of cocaine was found in banana crates back in January 2014 by workers at a supermarket. It looks like they have a spot to put them in when shipping from Colombia, but now police need to find out where they were supposed to end up.

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