We all enjoy art and know that it can come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Art is something to look at and admire, but did you ever think you would be looking at works of art that are done completely using Post-It Notes? Well, today is your lucky day, as these are works of art and the artists used nothing but Post-It Notes to complete it. You’ll be amazed at how talented these people are and wonder how they did it!

Marilyn Monroe

She is an icon and she even made her way to a wall. It is amazing to see how clear her face is, even using Post-It Notes!

Angry Birds

Hopefully they don’t come crashing through the windows, but they look to be sitting nicely. The app is still popular and this building brought out some of the game’s characters.

Elvis Presley

Another icon made the wall, but this one is so cool looking. The use of the colors makes it more dark and shadowy and we love it.

Super Mario

What a cool way to brighten up a room, especially a game room. They added some Super Mario Brothers into the wall and had to include the mushroom on the screen!

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