Whether you work from home or outside of the home, you probably find it difficult to get things done the way you want them done. Maybe you have too much to do and you need a way to get things done easier, faster, and better. You should understand, first of all, that you are only one person and you can’t do everything yourself even if you want to and think you can. Calm down and check out these 20 ways to actually get things done the way you need to.

Understand Where You Are Now And Figure Out Where You Want To Be

First, figure out where you are right now with work and life. Then, sit down and figure out where you want to be and want you want to accomplish every day. Having an understanding of this will help you move forward with the most important things with work and life.

Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Getting at least 8 solid hours of sleep every night should make you feel refreshed in the morning and ready to get going on whatever you need to do the next day. In order to get the rest you need, stop caffeine at least a couple of hours before bedtime. You should also make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. This means no lights and no TV. Your bedroom is for sleep, so keep it that way and you will get the rest you need, feeling refreshed the next day to hit the ground running.

Get Your MITS Done First

What are MITS? They are your most important tasks you need to get done first. Make a list of your MITS and even call them that. Write them down and cross them off as you do them. If you get nothing else done that day, at least you were productive enough to get your MITS done first.

Clean Out Your Email

Every time you get an email, read it and then figure out what to do with it. If it isn’t important, delete it right away. Don’t let it clutter up your inbox. If it is important and want to read it later, archive it and put it away right away. Nothing is worse for keeping you from getting things done than a cluttered up inbox.

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