Every animal in the world is capable of possessing and displaying a deep and varied emotional range. This is why it is possible to befriend and understand every creature on our planet. In nature, animals tend to show amazing maturity when faced with unique circumstances, allowing us to better understand their emotional states. It is nothing short of miraculous when natural predators befriend the very animals that are supposed to serve as their next meal. Animals prove to us time and time again that hunting only equates to survival in their world and they can be extremely gentle when not pursuing that instinctive action. Here is a list of 20 animal friendships that are absolutely mind-boggling and are sure to surprise you.

Chihuahua And Chicken

Roo, a disabled Chihuahua was receiving treatment at Duluth Animal hospital one day when Penny, an orphaned Silkie Chicken was brought to the same ward. The two animals instantly became best friends and have spent all their time together since.

Puppy And Monkey

This monkey was purchased by a trader in Bangladesh, but apparently as soon as the monkey looked at the trader’s dog, it went straight towards it and began petting it for hours. Is the dog the monkey’s pet now?

Tiger And Pigs

A zoo in Thailand has attempted to try something different by pairing Tigers and Pigs together in order to bring in more visitors to the zoo. This is a strange sight indeed and is definitely worth seeing.

Mouse And Frog

This unusual friendship was spotted in India, where a Frog was seen helping a mouse cross a steady stream of water. This must have been a short term friendship but it is remarkable nonetheless.

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