Kids say and do the damnedest things. Their little imaginations are hilarious enough already without them actually seeing something to feed into it. Ask a kid to draw a spaceship and it looks astoundingly similar to a penis. Catch one of their love notes and it just may have a drawing of people in an uncompromising position. Ask a kid to write down how they really feel about someone and you just may see some choice words you would have never expected. Either way the parents, teachers and other adults are sometimes too embarrassed to praise the child for the note or artwork. Here is a nice little collection of some of those outrageous kid drawings. We have blush-worthy adaptations of anatomy, gasp worthy notes and misspellings that will make your day.

My Little Pony

This kid probably needs to spend more time playing video games instead of outside with the horses.

Real Dislike

You know you’re not liked when you get a message condemning you to hell along with photos.

Be My Valentine

Love is in her mouth…..err I mean…in the air!

Word Formation

‘T’ is for, tell me why I got this wrong?

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