Have you ever have your picture taken and demanded to see how it came out before it’s posted on Instagram or Facebook? The rise of digital photography has meant we get a second or third take if we don’t like the way a particular picture has turned out. Unfortunately, we don’t always catch everything.

Take, for example, the subjects of these twenty hilariously unfortunate photos. Many of them may have been so busy checking out their face that they didn’t notice the awkward hand placement, or the nude tourist sunbathing in the back of the shot. In any case, let them serve as a warning to you: always check your pics for unfortunate weirdness.

Secret Admirer

We’ll start you off easy with this San Antonio Spurs fan and his buddy, who seems way too into him. No, we’re not talking about the guy with the Lakers shirt.

Cooling Off

Before you call CPS, we’re pretty sure that’s just a water spout on the side of the building.

Helping Hand

Football (soccer) is an intense sport, but it’s also a gentlemanly pursuit. Case in point: a rival player drops everything to perform an emergency prostate exam on the field. At least, that’s what this picture makes it look like.

Ice To See You

Let this be a lesson in timing out photos correctly. This ice-skating routine was probably beautiful and majestic. But because somebody snapped the pic at the just the wrong time, we end up with her head coming out of his rear-end.

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